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History of Reid Chapel


In the year of 1949, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, Sr., the presiding Bishop of the Seventh Episcopal District, saw the need to organize an African Methodist Episcopal Church in the Greenview community and appointed the Reverend L. M. Seward (retired Presiding Elder and currently a member of Reid Chapel) as the first pastor of Reid Chapel in 1954.  The church organized V.V. Reid Nursery and Kindergarten under his leadership.

Reverend Arthur L. Holmes was the second pastor from 1956-1957.  He introduced the beginning of a financial management system to eradicate the church's liability. Reverend Reuben S. Turner was assigned as the third pastor from 1957-1964.  The first Gospel Choir and Sunbeam Choir were organized under his administration.

Reverend J. W. Witherspoon was the fourth pastor from 1964-1969.  The church elected its first Board of Trustees while he was pastor.

Reverend A. M. Bonner was appointed as the fifth pastor from 1969-1974.  The highlight of his tenure was the construction of the old sanctuary.  It was dedicated on October 29, 1972.

Reverend Eddie Mays became the sixth pastor in 1974.  During his term, the Women's Society organized the first family day observances in the history of the church.

Reverend Melvin Richardson became the seventh pastor in 1975.  He served until his death in 1989.  His accomplishments were many.  Under his tenure, the church paid off its mortgage eight years in advance.  A bus and two vans were purchased, and the church expanded its community outreach and involvement.

On May 10, 1989 Reverend James R. Glover was the eighth pastor of Reid Chapel.  Under his pastorate numerous organizations were established.  His most challenging experience was the construction of our existing sanctuary and the Ruth C. Simons Family Life Center.  In addition, a new wing was added to the school and several parcels of land were purchased.

December 4, 2004 the Reverend Dr. Norvel Goff, Sr. was appointed as the ninth and current pastor by the Right Reverend Preston Warren Williams, II at the 7th Episcopal District Planning meeting.  Although brief, during his pastorate we have witnessed a renewed spirit, which has resulted in an increase of attendance, growth in membership and financial stewardship.



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