John D. Thomas, President
Edmond Brown, Vice President
Tim Holmes, Secretary
James Dye, Treasurer
Samuel Nesbitt, Chaplin

Examples of Activities

Lead men to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.   Participate in Men's Day Programs.

Participate in workshops on such topics as men's health, substance abuse and spirituality.

Cooperative Mission activities with organizations such as the Women's Missionary Societies of the AME Church.

Participation in the local church's voter registration and mobilization efforts.

Support of the Women's Missionary Society's public school intervention and improvement program - Missionary Advocates for Kids.

Working with the young men of the church through Scouting, mentoring, the Saturday Boys Academy, recreation, church leadership training and workshops covering subjects from peer pressure to auto repair.




Organize all African Methodist men in Christian fellowship and social action.  
Develop African Methodist men in the skills of prayer, evangelism, Christian stewardship and Christian spiritual and social services
Teach the men of our Church the history, aims, beliefs and program of the Church and encourage Christian worship and Bible Study.
Enlist and develop men as leaders and role models for the youth of the Church.  
Encourage African Methodist Episcopal men to engage in community, state, national and world affairs as Christian citizens.
Promote the participation of African Methodist Episcopal Men in the work of the local and connectional church in keeping with their abilities, interest and time schedule.
Encourage such interchurch and connectional activities among African Methodist Episcopal Men that will aid in creating a sense of Christian community.
Encourage our men to become witnesses for Christ in their daily occupations.
Create a conscious loyalty to the total program of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  

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