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YAM Mission:

To meet the spiritual, educational, economic and social needs of young adults between the ages of 18-45 through evangelism, discipleship and social ministries.


Goals and Objectives:

The young adult ministries YAM will adopt the goals and objectives as outlined by the Seventh Episcopal District YAM, adjusting them as necessary to meet the needs and culture of Reid Chapel AME.


Christian Education

  a. Empower young adults with social action and AME Church Policy
  b. Develop effective Stewardship Ethics
  c. Establish and implement YAM curriculum


  a. Promote Spiritual growth through quarterly revivals and Young Adult Bible Studies
  b. E.P.I.C. (Experience, Participate, Involvement, Community) worship experience
  c. Provide outreach ministries to include disabilities and special needs
3. Economic Empowerment
  a. Patronize Minority owned businesses
  b. Promote and encourage entrepreneurship opportunities
  c. Promote and teach financial independence
4. Social Networking
  a. Provide social networking opportunities
  b. Generate social network databases
  c. Develop and administer surveys to assess the needs of YAM and develop appropriate ministries

The Young Adult Ministry serves as a vehicle in developing young adult members into positive Christian leaders in the African Methodist Episcopal Church while providing an opportunity to serve the church, the community and God.


704 Gabriel Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29203 | Phone:  803-786-0701 | Fax: 803-786-0609